Luke 18 months, Cayden 4 and 3/4 (as he calls it)

Well I can certainly say I’ve been away for a while, a LONG WHILE!

Things have been active and busy and I have excuse after excuse for not keeping up on updates, but whatever.

So without more excuses here is our family updates:

Luke: He is busy busy busy. He loves chasing around Cayden and will copy him doing most things, whether it’s playing cars, or washing dishes or doing Capoeira on the bed with cartwheels. He loves playing with balls, riding his little trike, sweeping and looking at books. His favorate books are the ones with baby faces. His favorate word is ball, or ‘ball ball’. Not to be confused with ‘marble’. He loves making animal sounds like ‘moo, baa, woof woof, roar, Ooh ooh (for a monkey) He loves Curious George. I have started letting him watch his own show in the morning after Cayden watches his one show. Luke will always pick Curious George. At first he wouldn’t sit through the 15 minute episode and would just walk off doing something else, but now he’s sitting and enjoying it.

He has a ton of teeth. Only missing 4. He loves to brush his teeth, and yours too if you’ll let him.

I wish his sleeping was better, but all I can think of is, at 18 months, Cayden’s sleep improved sooo much…I’m waitin’ for it, every night I think, ‘this will be the night’!


Cayden: Is is becoming such a huge person. I have to step back sometimes and realize that he’s still quite small and I shouldn’t expect so much from him. He likes having responsibilities but he still wants to be carefree and have you do it all for him. He loves to help out, and is very sensitive to other people, but he still loves to wrestle and rough house and ‘kill all the bad guys’. His imagination is growing and growing and he can play on his own for over an hour happily. His toys of choice are superheroes. Specifically Batman, Spiderman, Ironman and he also creates his own.

He is getting more patient with drawing and writing and is able to put some great things on paper if he just gives himself time to practice and not to expect perfection. We’ve talked a lot about everyone needing practice and no one is good at something the first time they do it. He is slowly starting to believe me on this, but he still expects a lot from himself.

He’s very interested in telling time and getting the hang of it little by little. He can count pretty high, I think 59. And he recently learned to count by twos. He likes practicing writing as long as he can erase it if he doesn’t like it. We have found success with using chalk on a blackboard or pencil and eraser or marker on white board.

He mastered riding a two wheel bike this summer. I swear those balance bikes are amazing. The day we gave him the bike without training wheels, and just told him to try it like his balance bike, he was just off and riding. It was a pretty incredible thing to see.

He has a bunkbed now and loves to switch sleeping surfaces, but mostly likes the bottom. He likes to make a fort around it so I think thats why the bottom is so great. Right now there’s a duvet on one side and a parachute on the other. He’s obsessed with tying knots, so he has quite a few of the ropes I made for him tied up there too, maybe in case a huge gust of wind comes in?

He had his first sleepover at a friends house. He slept at his buddy Kale’s house and had a great time.

For classes he is doing Forest Kindergarden, Multi Sports class, swimming, gymnastics and a special storytime for speech therapy at the Roundhouse. I don’t think we will be going to the Forest Kindergarden any more even though it is fabulous. It is in North Van at various locations, mostly outdoors. But me not driving is making it really difficult. It’s a ton of transit with two kids, as well as we are outside for 3 hours, usually a bit cold, then back on transit for about 90 minutes. I think we will be attending a great homelearners drop-in called Burrard View that is near the PNE. I’ve been wanting to go, but we just never seem to be free on that day.

Classes that Cayden wants to take are Piano, Science class, Capoeira, Karate and Circus.

So our plan all along (since Cayden was a baby) was to homeschool, and now we are in the home stretch of decision making. Right now we are deciding on a DL program (Distributed Learning) Our two choices that look best to us are Garibaldi or Self Design. Both seem like great programs, but we need to pick what will work best for us. We have a little bit longer to decide, but it is getting pretty exciting that we are getting so close . We have met some really great families that have been homelearning for years as well as we’ve been hanging out with people who are just starting out like us and haven’t registered yet since their kids are still 3 or 4. It’s been nice to get into the community and getting to know everyone.

Tyson: He enjoyed taking vacation off during Halloween this year and was finally able to see trick or treating in action. He is working out of Burnaby now and is liking the routes that he drives. He enjoys organizing some movie nights for some of his friends and they usually go to Metrotown or Richmond. He is getting rid of all the things we don’t need around here in preparation for our move to Claires suite in less then a month.

Dawn: I’m also preparing for the move. It hasn’t started to feel hectic yet, but I’m sure that will come pretty soon. I’m excited to be living in that location, near Claire and fam, and also Molly and fam. I’ll be glad to be a bit closer to the skytrain too. I’m looking at volunteering for festivals that could use me in some way. I’m looking at the Moon Festival, Public Dreams…well that’s it so far. I know I want to get creative again but I’m just not sure how…or what. Teaching kids is still in the back of my mind. I think I’d rather perform though…for kids, and adults. I’m going to start playing drop in volleyball on Monday nights. I haven’t started yet, but soon.

Well thats us!



  1. Dawn Bassett said,

    November 6, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    Hi there! Thanks so much for this post! It is so great to hear what you guys are up to and wow! Busy is right. I am also really happy to hear that you are moving into your new place soon. I am sure it will be a really wonderful move for all of you.

    Forest kindergarden sounds fantastic! I am also looking forward to hearing more about your homeschool experiences. I secretly wish we will find a way to do this, but not sure yet so I will follow your tales with interest.

    Now you’ve updated your blog, I feel like I should do mine too!

    Best wishes to Tyson,Cayden and Luke (William wanted to change his name to Luke last week LOL).

    Dawn B

  2. Mary said,

    November 8, 2010 at 5:31 am

    Cuuuuute. hope Cayden & Judahbug can have a playdate again one day. Mwah!!

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