Lukey 7 months

Luke is getting around like crazy, always on the move.

He’s sleeping less, up every one to two hours at times. He just wants to crawl…

Wants to eat everything. He sits in his chair at every meal time and I usually make him something too. Haha, if he’s doesn’t have something to eat he screams, and when he does have something to eat he screams because he isn’t eating it fast enough.

I tried the whole ‘making baby food’ with Cayden but he wasn’t interested, so we did baby led weaning (big chunks of food to hold) but with Luke he’s the opposite, he wants to EAT and get a tummy full of food so we are doing part mushed baby food and part baby led weaning.

He takes 2-3 naps a day ranging from 45 min to 2 hours each.

Luke and Cayden get along really well. Cayden has started carrying Luke from room to room (and trying to put him down gently) he does it really well. They have also started mini wrestling, which is more like Luke is on top of Cayden and Cayden rolls from side to side. It’s all pretty cute. Cayden can sure be a ham now and make Luke laugh.

Cayden is pretty great. We have stopped speech therapy for now and will address is anxiety now, since he will only talk to 4 people (5 if you include Luke) Otherwise he won’t say a thing.

More later.



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