First week


Introducing Lucas Ross


Born April 7 at 10:12am. My water broke at 1am on the dot. I had been feeling crampy on and off since 7pm April 5.

He’s 8lbs (just like Cayden) 19 inches
nursing great!

My contractions started at 1:45am but were really light and I slept and breathed through them until 8am or so, thats when I needed to make deep sounds. I had back labour but Tyson helped me through that with pressure on my back. 
My contractions kept being irregular so we weren’t sure when to call the midwife. Sometimes they were 20 min apart sometimes 5 min. When I had 3 contractions, each 2 minutes apart, Tyson said ‘I’m calling Beth!’ Then they went back to every 10 minutes or so.
Beth arrived just after 9am. She was thinking it was going to be awhile yet, so didn’t call her backup. 
At around 10am I told Beth I was feeling pushy, so Tyson and her asked if I had wanted to get into the pool. (I had mostly been on my side lying on the bed) I got in the pool and 5 minutes of pushing later, I lifted my baby onto my chest. 
It was so fast, his head and body came out in one short contraction. I totally recommend feeling with your hand for the head, because last pregnancy I didn’t and I tore really bad in three places, where as this time I have a teeny tear not in need of stitching 

I’m feeling GREAT! I have quite a bit of energy, but I’m also enjoying how restful it is around here.
This is our first day of visitors, so we’ll see how it goes.

Cayden missed the birth, but I think it worked out how it was supposed to. He went to playgym with Nana about 20 minutes before Lucas was born, and I was just able to focus.

My birth affirmation that got me through was ‘I breathe my body to open’ I also liked ‘I release all tension from my body’