Thirteen Weeks

Wowee! Baby is the size of a peach! It has a distinguishable gender already!

Last night I definatly felt different. I can feel that my uterus is larger and heavier. It feels like I ate a small cantelope whole, and its floating behind my pelvis.

I have decided to get an ultrasound for this pregnancy. I didn’t want one unless it was medically needed. Seeing my midwife last week she convinced me that seeing as I was having a homebirth it’s good to know where the placenta is lying. If it is too low there could be hemorrage, and that word hemorrage makes me sick to my stomach…so that’s medical reason enough for me. It will happen after 20 weeks.

I have to get blood work done soon and I’m a bit nervous. Last pregnancy I fainted and hit my head while it was being done, so needless to say, I need to lie down while its being done, and I definatly need Tyson there too.

Last time I was pregnant I was doing trapeze for a month or so. Cayden is a circus monkey and is this huge physically amazing little guy. This preg, I’m taking a comedy class, so I’m wondering if this baby will come out laughing đŸ™‚


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