I’m alternative/I’m skeptic

It’s kinda wierd having one foot in the alternative/natural boat and the other in the skeptic boat. I realize now that I was so emersed in the alternative world that I was no longer researching things and just believing that things labeled ‘natural’ were fact and safe and 100% perfect for my family. I truly believed that I belonged to that world and if I stepped back and started questioning too much, what does that mean about the type of person I am? It would mean that I’m questioning the type of person I have become and if I cracked that open, who was I?

I came to the conclusion that it was a silly way to live, and started questioning things. I mean, the reason I got into the alternative world in the first place was because I was questioning, right? So why did I stop? Why did I start walking blindly and only open my ears to things deemed ‘natural’.

So I’m kinda half alternative, and half skeptic. I’m fine with that now. At first I felt like my life was in turmoil and I had lost the natural, creative person I was (and was hoping to be). I’ve come to terms that both feet don’t need to be in only one boat and my beliefs don’t necessarily make me the person that I am. Beliefs change, and that is a part of life. Life is about learning and growing. When I stop learning I am dead.


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