Tired (yawn)

I’d forgotten how tired you become when your pregnant.

The way we get Cayden to sleep is we lay next to him in his dbl bed with lights out and he’s usually asleep in 15 minutes. Usually I’m rolling out of the bed in hardly any time at all. But lately I can’t seem to last 5 minutes without falling asleep. Now the funny thing is I also have mild insomnia, so I wake up at 12:30 (usually on the dot) and have to get up because I’m so wide awake. Tyson is often still up, so I’ll pee and go into the living room, have a snack, watch a couple minutes of whatever Weeds episode he’s on and I’m asleep again on the couch within 5 minutes.

Luckly Cayden has been a super sleeper lately. He’s been sleeping from 9-5:30 or 6, which is crazy. I remember when he was waking every 2 hours and I used to think this would never happen. And Tyson being able to get him down at night has been incredible. Sure I can’t be home when this happens, but its a start 🙂

I’m 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow. This pregnancy is happening REALLY fast and REALLY slow all at the same time, very wierd!


It’s the size of a medium green olive.


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