To vax or not to vax

Someone asked me why I changed my tune on vaccines and homeopathy so I thought I’d put it on here as well.


So with vaccines, I felt really informed about ‘why not to vaccinate’, I felt I had read a lot of ariticles and a couple books and I felt I was making an informed decsion.
Tyson and I had agreed to delay vax until 2 years and then selectively vax Cayden at that point. So when 18 months came around we started looking into the info again so we knew which vaccines we wanted and which ones we didn’t. So we reread Dr. Sears book, and it definatly read different this time around. The first time I read it Cayden wasn’t born yet and I was against getting vaxed at that point, but this time after deciding that we wanted a handful of vax’s for him, I didn’t read it with as much of a closed mind to vaccines as I had before.
I started to feel that Cayden was a sitting duck, not having been vax’ed and was almost waiting to get certain illnesses, it was only a matter of time.
It also struck me that Dr. Sears said, just make sure that in your area it doesn’t become a fad that people don’t get vax’ed because it’s everyone else immune status that keeps you the non vaxer safe. So part of me felt incredibly selfish letting my child go needle free while I NEED other children to stick to the schedule to help keep my child safe.
I still know that vaccines aren’t 100% and children can have reactions to getting them, but I feel it is safer to get them then to not.
There are a few vax’s we aren’t getting, but most we are.
For our next child I still want to delay vaxing for the first year, but we will most likely do the same vax’s we do with Cayden.
And now on to Homeopathy…
I used to work at a Natural Foods store and was first introduced to homeopathy while working there and needing something to help me with my cramps.
I soon collected quite a few homepathic treatments and had them in my natural maedical box and felt really prud of my stash.
I read up on the history of homeopahy I even looked into becoming a Homeopath myself.
I knew how homeopathy worked, I introduced friends and family members to it and when I had a child who had terrible teething pain I gave it to him, everyday, multiple times a day. When my son had severe teeth caries at 1 years old, we brought him to a Naturalpath who prescribed us 6 different homeopathic treatments at the first visit.
As my sons teeth got worse and worse and we were questioning what on earth could have caused his teeth to deteriorate so rapidly, my husband remembered something we had put directly onto his baby teeth night and day, several times a day and wouldn’t brush afterward: Hylands Teething Tablets.
Now I’m not saying they are the sole problem, I blame genes and bacteria from my mouth as well, but we wonder if the tablets caused damage as well.
In the last year I’ve started to think skeptically about things in my day to day life. I’m not used to doing this…I come from a family who is vegetarian, very natural, spiritual etc. Science and spirituality don’t go hand in hand. . How do you scientifically question ‘energy work’?
I used to think that no scientific tests were performed on homeopathy, but in fact I was wrong, actually there has been many tests on it and they have all come back ‘just a placebo’.
So when I heard this I thought, well it seems to work whether its a placebo or not, so I could still use it. But then I thought of my natural medicine stash and I counted up how much I had spent on a placebo…I had $300 worth of placebo! I started to feel a bit taken advantage of.
I watched an episode of Penn and Tellers Bullshit on Homeopathic medicine, and even though its a tv show, it helped me come to terms with the feelings I had against the homeopathic companies making all this money on little sugar pills.
So I feel duped, decieved, fooled, taken advantage of.
I will not buy anymore homeopathic medicine.
With Cayden’s teething, I had done many things to help him including an amber teething necklace, frozen washclothes and lots of nursing, so its funny that for so long I gave credit to just the tablets for relieving all his teething pain.



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