Number two is due in April!

We are very excited.

It still hasn’t completely sunk in.

I’m happy to not be pregnant over the hot summer!

A Spring baby sounds lovely.

I hope to do things very similar for this birth, because Cayden’s birth was so near perfect. I could do without the back labour so I will be trying to keep this baby in an anterior position. So that means, homebirth, waterbirth, 2 midwives, 1 doula and Tyson. I’m hoping that Cayden can see the last stages and see his sibling being born. My mom will be watching him while I’m in labour so hopefully it will go well her being there while I’m in labour.

I plan to not have an ultrasound this pregnancy unless medically needed. I also don’t plan on getting labour started. I don’t want to do things (even naturally) to get labour going as I think that is why Cayden was facing posterior last time. This baby can come out when they are ready.

I will not be giving dates this time. I’m saying mid to late April as the ‘due date’ as I don’t appreciate 20 phone calls on THE day. Not to mention 10 calls every day after THE date to see if he’s arrived yet. Family just don’t want to miss anything I suppose, but IT’S NOT HELPFUL!!!!!! There, no more talking about my annoyances, its out in the open šŸ˜‰


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