I’m in love with baking. I have always loved it. I remember especially making baking soda biscuits with my mom and the plastic childs glass we would use as a cookie cutter. I miss that glass. That was my moms glass when she was a kid and then it was mine, so sad its gotten lost. I bet it was a really bad plastic though. I wonder what 1950’s plastic had in it?

I like to cook, but I love to bake. Cayden’s sensitivities/allergies have really spawned me onto a whole new world of getting my hands floury. Its fun trying to think up healthy ways to have cookies, muffins and loaf. Ok, well I don’t actually ‘think up’ my recipes, but I certanly use my google toolbar to its fullest. I have this method of finding healthy baked goods. I type in ‘mothering pumpkin muffin’ and it will always, 100%, never fail give me at least 4 healthy recipes. It will either take me to the Mothering website with their list of recipes or it will give me a blog of someone who is also on Mothering, or at least talks about it. So basically a ‘crunchy’ baker,  hehe. I have found so many great recipes that way and our kitchen drawer is full to the brim with WORD documents I print out. Even at work I’ll be obsessing over recipes to print out so I can add to my recipes. Its really a great thing to be obsessed about.

On my list…start gluten baking. I feel so intimidated by mixing flours and trying to get a good product that I just haven’t plunged in, but I would love to make something really scrumptious and bring it to playgroup to share (our playgroup is gluten free, and mostly dairy and meat free) You’d think there would be nothing to eat with all those limitations, but if you saw our tray of yummies today, wowee! There was dates, pumpkin seeds, black olives, goat cheese, rice crackers, cashews, watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, pinto beans and almond nugget (is that how you spell it Kerry? Although you say it noogah)


Oh! Oh! And the NURSE-IN!!!!! I was there! I was outside for the short while I could attend, holding a sign saying ‘Breastfeeding isn’t dirty, don’t hide it away’ (although last night I was pondering if I used the wrong wording, it just sounds weird now) I wanted to speak to the people that say ‘cover up’ or ‘why can’t she use a blanket’. So maybe ‘dirty’ wasn’t the right word, I just didn’t want to use the word ‘offensive’, I wanted it to sound more ‘slang’, or ‘street’, hehe ‘street’, so I was wanting my protest sign to sound ‘street’ lol, I think I need sleep because thats way too funny to me right now.

Anyway, I got there late, was at work, slipped out early, didn’t have Cayden but showed my support by being there. The great thing is my friend Shawna who was thinking of trying breastfeeding shen her baby arrives in October is VERY pro breastfeeding because of the whole Manuela thing, and has become a great lactivist, she came to the protest too.


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